Hsin-hsin Junior High Schoolmate Reunion

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42 years ago, Class 311 graduation photo with our principal Mr. Chan (詹出錐校長) and our homeroom teacher Ms. Wu (吳順英老師).

After 42 years, we, the first graduates from Hsin-hsin Junior High School, had our first junior high schoolmate reunion today at our alma mater. It was possible due to some schoolmates’ enthusiasm. One day Mr. Chen (陳長泰) came across Mr. Kao (高啟祥) in the hospital, both of whom graduated from Hsin-hsin Junior High School. After a chat, the idea of holding a schoolmate reunion struck them. With the help of Ms. Lin (林莉), who was not an alumna though, Mr. Chang (張慶瑞), his assistant, Ms. Chin (金愛玲), Mr. Hsu (許木元老師), and Mr. Hsieh (謝勝隆校長), we had our gathering today. We were honored and pleased that several of our dear teachers joined us too. My freshman homeroom teacher Ms. Chen (陳美麗老師), English teacher Ms. Chiang (江貴美老師), and geography teacher Mr. Hsu (許木元老師) also came.

No words can describe how excited all of us were when we stepped into the room, greeted by our old acquaintances….

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